Screenplay Beat Calculator

Screenplay – A Rough Page Guide

I stumbled across a handy beat sheet calculator based on the page count of your screenplay.

Bear in mind that your story is the most important thing to consider in your script rather than being a slave to artificial story beat construct. Use this as a tool not a template.

The following example is based on a script length of 105 pages. If you CLICK HERE you can enter your page count and determine where each story beat should lie.

For a screenplay of 105 pages, your structure should be close to:

Opening Image: pg 1
Establish Theme: pgs 1 – 5
Setup: pgs 1 – 10
Inciting Incident: 11
Debate – Half Commitment: pgs 11 – 24
Turn to Act II: 24
Subplot intro by: pg 29
Fun – Games – Puzzles: pgs 29 – 53
Tentpole – Midpoint – Reversal: pg 53
Enemy Closes In: pgs 53 – 72
Low Point: pg 72
Darkest Decision: pgs 72 – 81
Turn to Act III: pg 81
Finale – Confrontation: pgs 81 – 102
Aftermath: pgs 102 – 105
Final Image: pg 105

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