Is Comic-Con The New Cannes?

Quite possibly. An article in “The Wrap” confirming Comic-Con’s increasing importance as a hub for films that actually permeate mainstream audiences. After all, “Kick Ass”, “Avatar” and “Iron Man 2” received were previewed at the event. So what is the Comic-Con beast? This year, “Scott Pilgrim versus The World” was a standout film.

Originally planned as a comic book convention, the various costumes including Iron Man 2 and Darth Vader and merchandising adds another dimension to Comic-Con. Part dress up party (the costumes are more elaborate each year), part pop culture convention, part seminar series headlined by industry guests, part film festival and part unofficial marketplace. So far industry heavyweights such as Angelina Jolie and Robert Rodriguez have attended. Most importantly, it’s on the pulse of popular culture and an ideal platform to launch new movies to a hungry movie-going crowd.

Comic-Con has retained its tech-geek charm, so if a movie is well received, it will be tweeted, facebooked and social networked across the globe. Some say, it’s similar to a large scale test screening by consumers. More importantly, they will influence the blogosphere in terms of generating buzz for a movie.

Unlike other film sales events,  there is plenty of entertainment to be had too; pool parties, beach parties, taco parties, treasure hunts, pajama parties that rivals the stuffiness of Cannes. Fun will be had indoors and out.

You can follow the daily events on their website, but if you’re ever in San Diego during summer, Comic-Con is well worth a visit.


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