Concepts For Your Comedy Scripts

As per Blake Snyder’s instructions, here are some starting points to get your creative comedic juices flowing:

1) THE SWITCH – Two character opposites are brought together and they swap situations for a bet, a need, a mistake or some other external force. We love them being completely antithetical to each other as well as shifting who has the upper hand. This generates conflict until they learn their lesson. Such movies include “The Proposal”.

2) THE FISH OUT OF WATER – According to Blake Snyder’s genre paradigm, this is a “Fool Triumphant” film, where the main character is either unappreciated in their home environment and triumphs in a new setting, or they are exceptional at home, but out of place elsewhere. Such movies include “Legally Blonde”.

3) THE ROM-COM WITH A TWIST – The key platform of such films is to provide unique ways to keep the man and woman apart. The differences can be attitudinal or external forces such as class, one part of the couple being an alien, mermaid, ogre, a virgin, not of of expected gender, pregnant, still married (but separated) or of opposing political persuasions. They employ any device to highlight that men and women are from different worlds and must overcome numerous obstacles to be together. Such films include “Failure To Launch”.

4) THE MAGIC SPELL – This could be a curse, a Chinese fortune cookie, an inability to see fat people as ugly, turning into a bird, or any supernatural force which keeps our couple apart. These are essentially empowerment and comeuppance stories. Like all morality tales, they teach us to be careful what we wish for and when our wish is granted, use it wisely. Such films include “Shallow Hal”.

5) THE BET – This involves winning or losing an outlandish bet which allows/forbids someone to do or abstain from something for a period of time. Such films include “40 Days and Forty Nights”.

6) THE BUDDY-BUDDY – This typically includes bromances, sismances and situations where the “couple” bond through being placed in an unusual situation. Such films include “The Forty Year Old Virgin”.

7) THE TRUE LIFE TALE – Who says that life always imitates art rather than inspiring it? Such films include “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

8) THE INVASION OF THE JERK THAT CAME TO DINNER – These are based on interminable experiences or seemingly never-ending situations such as an overbearing relative, an annoying friend or being stuck somewhere with someone you don’t like. Such movies include “Monster In Law”.

9) LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO JOKES – These are road movies filled with anecdotes and hilarious shenanigans along the way. Such films include “Little Miss Sunshine”.

10) SPOOF – This one’s self explanatory. Poke fun at your favorite franchise, institution, event, politician or book. Classic examples include “Not Another Scary Movie”.


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