Writing For Digital Media

Having a great screenplay is no longer enough for screenwriters to break in

Tired of the endlessly waiting to hear back from production companies and executives, if they respond at all? Digital media is the way to go, if you want immediate gratification. A 5 to 300 second movie with a guaranteed online broadcast. And you even get paid depending on the number of views. I’ve previously discussed web series in other articles, but other forms of digital entertainment are springing up, namely mobisodes (cell/mobile phones) and viral videos.

You need a web series or viral video to demonstrate your concept is viable

Terms such as CELLEVISION and CELLYWOOD are proudly appearing on billboards. There are even internet stars! Digital media is the newest cinematic art form. It creates entertainment, excitement and, in many instances, profit (usually via a revenue-sharing business model). Did you know that YouTube receives over 2 billions video daily, and this volume represents around half the market? Online TV viewership is poised to double within a year and mobile content revenue is mooted to triple over the coming years.

That’s why you can record video on your smartphone

These staggering statistics underpin the voracious appetite for original content. In case you were wondering what to write, comedy is the largest money spinner because it can be inoffensively be forwarded to numerous family and friends. A good comedy can generate a few ubiquitous laughs in 2 to 3 minutes.

The most significant difference between traditional and digital media is the demographic. It is a distinctly young person’s format, usually targeting the under 25 year old age group.


The three main ways are to:

  • Directly sell advertising to your site
  • Ask for donations, and
  • Sell merchandise through branded entertainment (advertainment)


  • Like all good stories, the same dramatic rules apply
  • A catchy title
  • A great concept
  • A clear genre
  • Clear conflict
  • Snappy writing
  • Evergreen, so it can be repeated ad infinitum

Given that producers are looking to exploit a single literary property across a variety of platforms, digital media is a viable path until your major studio funding is secured.

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