Writing Organic Character Arcs – Part 2

Here are some declarative statements Julie Gray, an L.A.-based script instructor suggests you make of your main character. Complete them instinctively rather than academically. The answers will reveal amazing aspects of your character’s personality and help make them more rounded and their trajectories better defined.


I am___

I want___

I hate___

I fear___



I refuse___

I need___

I’ll try to___

I want___

I can’t___



I am afraid of___

I am willing___

I can___

I love___

I am___


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy Daley says:

    Why are you making something that should be easy and fun so complicated? I don’t even know really what you mean by ‘organic characters’ Do you mean they like orgasms or eat organic food?

    Create a story idea you love and write it with passion. And it’s marketable if it’s strong and good.

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