The Mythological Aspects Of Story

Myths are the stories we tell to explain the world around us and within us. They have survived because they still resonate in humanity today. Conflict is deeply entwined within the story fiber.

Pamela Jaye Smith an expert on mysticism and mythology has studied the aspects of conflict. Myths are enduring stories we tell to make sense of our internal and external environments. They form the basis of many religious doctrines. There must be an essence of truth or believability to these stories to make them resonate powerfully within us. They must be timeless and enduring to be truly mythical.

LEVEL 1 – is the mystic aspect- the dweller on the threshold, or the shadow (as explored by Carl Jung). This refers to any internalized block that prevents the main character from reaching the next step of their journey. It could be a fear, a belief, an attitude, a foible, a handicap or other element which needs to be identified, explored and overcome. It is the internal conflict; man versus himself.

LEVEL 2 – These are the external dark forces that must be grappled with. It could be a natural disaster, a death, an epidemic or large scale problem. They are impersonal externalized conflicts. Man versus others.

LEVEL 3 – Relates to the dark brotherhood. They are large groups of people fighting an individual or small group of individuals. They can be aliens, a corporation or the establishment. They are supra-personal conflicts; a hybrid of levels 1 and 2.



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  1. xlministries says:

    Have used adjective form of adverb form, the new term, conflictual, in my TWS project. referring to three primary or primacy world influences in our time.

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