The Call To Storytellers

You don’t get to choose in this lifetime, or in any other, whether or not you are a storyteller. You can only choose by intention or by action, whether or not you will yield to the impulse, the gift and the demands of telling stories. It is a double-edged sword at best, and will take of you its price either way. The costs of the journey are many and high; the cost of not taking it beyond measure.

The truth is, stories and storytelling are living things of their own and only allow us or not, to embody them, to inhabit them, and, the divine willing, give them expression. The best of the stories that any of us will ever have the impulse and, if possible, the ability to tell, will never be those of our own choosing, but those that choose us to tell them. They will call on us to tell them before we know what they are or what we are to do. They will call on us until we can in fact live them, and in so doing, give them birth, expression and life.

You do not choose whether or not you are among the chosen, only whether or not you will heed the call. So read these words and weep. If you understand them, you are among the chosen and the bearer of a burden that will life you in proportion to its weight. If you do not understand, pray that the chosen are among you and that they heeded their call. They are healers, guides and heralds. They are seekers, seers and voice of the divine.

In the instant we open our eyes and become aware of the world, there is a story.

In the moment we endeavor to express ourselves or attempt to entertain, inform or transform others, there is storytelling.

It’s not something storytellers just do, it’s who we are.

Change the stories people tell about themselves and you change, in an instant, who they are and can become.

Change the stories people tell about their universe and about others, and you change the world.

Patrick Horton, The Story Coach


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  1. Katy says:

    So true, and very well put too!

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