Supercharge Your Screenwriting Career

There is a process for you to emulate what the A-list screenwriters did to get to the top according to Hal Croasmun.


You’ve had success in your life. Take a few minutes and look at those successful events. How did you achieve previous goals? What did you think? What did you do? What kept you going? How can you repeat that formula for your screenwriting career?


“Belonging at the top” is a state of mind that usually precedes actually getting there. Even if you do it one level at a time (win a contest, option a script, make a sale, gain representation, etc.), set your INTENTION to this: I belong at the top. The more you access this state of mind, the stronger you’ll be as you take this journey.


Preparation for “Belonging at the Top” must be done. Learn the best screenwriting skills. Read produced screenplays. Read the trades. Interact with people inside the industry. Write every day, and soon, you will have a screenplay. Continue the daily practice, and you’ll quickly establish your own screenplay library.

You want to gain understanding and experience as you do your preparation.


Every day, you should be writing, marketing, and/or networking. As you do, maintain the “I belong at the top” state of mind. Use your success structure to keep yourself on track. Your actions will be stronger, and your decisions will have more impact.

Never stop taking action. Don’t let a day go by without action in one of these three areas — writing, marketing, or networking.

Follow these four steps and you will achieve your goals as a screenwriter.


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