Philosophies Of Successful Screenwriters

Successful screenwriters don’t reach the top by accident. They constantly update their inventories and methodically strategize ways to excite the deal makers by being proactive. Here are some musings from Hal Croasmun:

  1. Drive Your Own Story.
  2. Whatever Your Situation, an A-List Screenwriter Was There at Some Point.
  3. Coal Sells By The Ton. Diamonds Sell By The Carat. What’s In Your Script?
  4. At Any Moment, You Have a Choice — Empower Yourself or Disempower Yourself. Choose.
  5. Be a “Deal Maker,” Not a “Deal Killer.”
  6. What If Your Whole Life is Preparation for an Amazing Screenwriting Career?
  7. You Are a Metaphor for the Movie Biz!
  8. Kaizen. 1% Improvement per day = 365% per year.
  9. It’s Not Rejection…Just Friendly Hollywood Feedback.
  10. ”What Would Kurtzman and Orci Do?”
  11. Universal, But Not Cliche!
  12. Some People Get Lucky. Make Sure You’re One of Them.
  13. Find the Open Door…and Step Through It.
  14. Collaborate, My Friend. Collaborate.
  15. To Brand or Not to Brand? That is the Career Question.
  16. Always Bring Value to the Table. It Makes You Irreplaceable.
  17. Make Your Script So Good That It Improves Your Agent’s Reputation.
  18. Relationships Are Gold!
  19. Every Writer Is One Script Away From A Career.
  20. “You Belong At The Top!”

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