Pitching A TV Series

I was fortunate enough to attend a TV writing workshop by Chad Gervich. Here are the elements of a perfect pitch:

EMOTIONAL INTRODUCTION – to engage your audience and sell the passion

LOGLINE – 1 sentence outlining the premise

SYNOPSIS – 1 paragraph

SUMMARY – 1 page overview

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION – how the main characters view the world

EPISODE/PLOT OUTLINE – a sample episode should be a typical episode rather than a pilot which sets up the series. Write 1-2 of these.

SAMPLE OUTLINE – outline 6-8 episodes in 1-2 lines each to demonstrate the show has longevity.

FUTURE SEASONS – Even stand alone shows have a degree of serialization, usually in the B and C stories.

UNIQUENESS – Show your individuality. Why can you be the only person to write the show? How is it familiar, yet different?


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