Social Media For Screenwriters (And How It Can Work For You)

Like all other industries, screenwriting has an online presence. So should you. Screenwriters need a social media footprint to publicize both themselves and their work.

The main recommendations for social advertising are:

  • Be authentic
  • Show your personality
  • Define what you write about/ interests

Consider your social media profiles as your personal branding. What are your interests and values? What do you stand for? How would other people describe you?

Despite the flood of messages, respond to everyone who messages you. Take advantage of your reach online, because it is often international. You never know where you land your next writing gig or where a producer contacts you about your screenplay.

Social media can use to get in touch with film industry folk through other people. Previously this was done through meetings or phone calls. This is a great way to introduce yourself to a potential collaborator, congratulate someone on their success or ask for advice. Give before you expect to receive. Establish synergy and mutually beneficial relationships. Add value to people’s lives rather than waste their time.

What are the main social media platforms screenwriters should use?


Say what you will Facebook, but its still the biggest social media network by far. You can request to friend someone, but they must accept your friend request. Many celebrities have a closed account where they can post announcements, but viewers can’t post or make friend requests. They can only follow.

Due to privacy concerns and unwanted friend requests, facebook is in decline in the USA, which means that the growth is  international. More people closing their accounts. Although facebook is more personal, and with adjustable privacy settings, geared towards friends and family. It is a useful business promotional tool to advertise events, photos, RSVP, add links and make announcements.

Don’t stalk people. If you want to make a friend request, consider attaching a short message about where you met, or why they might be interested in a relationship.

Network with up and coming talent. Befriend the assistant because they will move up the ranks. Many Hollywood assistants become executives in two years. Comment on threads, so facebook messages end up in your feed. Comment on entries and ask questions. Compliment and congratulate without asking for anything in return.

Also, consider joining a screenwriters group on Facebook.


This is more open and more interactive than Facebook. You don’t require approval to follow someone. It’s casual and fast. Most screenwriters have a twitter account they post announcements on.

It’s more immediate and more news feed rather than simple greetings. I use it to follow industry headlines or comment on a recent film or TV show. Many filmmakers tweet about their Kickstarter or the crowdfunding campaigns.

Don’t crash conversations. Be consistent. Tell people when you tweet otherwise they’re lost in a sea of tweets.

Twitter is also a great place to connect participate in live Q&A chats with other screenwriters.


This is a business to business resource which is more professional than personal. It’s a place to post your writing resume, place of work or job title. Let other film industry professionals what your active projects are, any awards or accolades you have, any imdb credits you have and any screenwriting courses you have taken. There are various filmmaking, writing and other industry groups you can join and participate in.


This a great place to post videos of web series, film or TV  projects you’ve been involved in. If you’ve been video interviewed, filmed any screenwriting tips or performances such as acting or stand up comedy, YouTube is the place to post these ads.


Many screenwriters have Tumblr accounts. You can post screenwriting tips, images, GIFS, sound bites and links to your website.


This is one of the largest online communities for members of all areas in the film making community. You can post job ads, showreels, articles and comment in different discussion threads called Lounges.


The from page of the internet is a great place to post screenwriting articles, questions and images. Reddit is famous for “Ask Me Anything” which is more suited to established screenwriters. Still, you can amplify your social media presence by answering questions in the screenwriting and film making subreddits.


This is a great place to post 60 second video clips and images related to your screenwriting and film projects. It’s more temperamental than twitter and Facebook, but a platform worth considering nonetheless.

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