Male Archetypes In Movies

How times are achanging in how men are being portrayed in modern cinema. The New York Times explores the new look of cinematic masculinity.

THE BIG BABY – These rotund men range from the asexual Kevin James to the nasty Zach Galifianakis. Some are overtly feminized like Tyler Perry. Obese men are no longer the domain of Santa Claus and are built for laughs over substance.

THE BRAVE BOY – This encapsulates the reluctant boy, tossed out into the harshness of the world to find his destiny and fight evil. Go Harry Potter.

THE BACHELOR – No longer dandies, uptight marginalized men or screaming queens. In contemporary cinema, these are good men who just haven’t found the right woman, until the end of the movie at least. They party in packs and are waiting to settle down.

THE HUSBAND – Gone are the days when father would come home from a hard day at the office to be greeted by a doting housewife and rascaly kids at the dinner table. Today, they’ve reverted to infantile behavior, are sexually unfulfilled, are abused by their kids and wonder if family life was all worth it.

THE HERO – The largely ignored below average man beefs up and follows his calling. They are stoic and understand the importance of duty. Females take second place unless they can nurture, support or organize him.

THE WIMP – This is almost a modern take on the anti-hero. These include the physically weak, the nerd, the braniac, the science geek and the gay best friend. They get sand kicked in their faces and end up with the pretty girl. All in a day’s work.

THE METROSEXUAL – In my day it was the SNAG (sensitive new age guy). The male lead totally in touch with his emotions, keeps his testosterone and aggressive behavior in check and completely understands why his wife needs so many pairs of shoes while protecting her from the world.


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  1. Anthony Papagallo says:

    you forgot the MetroSexual as portrayed by the protaganist in Source Code and Inception, individuals for whom we neither care wether they live or die .

  2. Robert A. Getchell says:

    Leave it to beaver and like shows were shown to jaded high school kids and to a person they wish their folks were like June and Ward Cleaver…tears were shed during the viewings as well.

    I was a crisis counselor for suicide and latch key kids and the same rang true. A strong father in a single income family with mom there all day is what my kid callers wanted…period. I don’t know where the demographic data comes from for this piece, but the real world wants the old fashioned family.

    I’m a training film and feel-good piece producer and a Psych. degree holder. People go to Indie films for escape but want the stable family after the entertainment.

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