13 Critical Screenwriting Career Questions

Marvin Acuna from The Business Of Show Institute talks about being part of the industry.

Feedback is crucial, and getting it should be no problem in business. Yet most people don’t seek it; they just wait for it. Know how you compare to other screenwriters. Know what the standard is. Become known in the industry. Carve your niche.

Fine tuning your craft as a screenwriter is necessary, but fine tuning your salesmanship, networking, and public speaking skills are not only relevant, but crucial. It’s a new age. The screenwriter has evolved from the nebbish wordsmith.

  1. Are you part of a screenwriting forum that is sharing business information and/or relationships?
  2. Are you part of a screenwriting networking group?
  3. Are you investing time in public speaking to become a more confident presenter of your ideas?
  4. Are you capturing market intelligence so that you can speak in the industry as an informed professional and/or so that you may determine the type of material that is attracting the attention of agents, managers, producers, and executives… in essence, do you know what is selling, being sold, being developed, being made?
  5. Are you developing your salesmanship?
  6. Are you working on your business or solely in your business? There is a significant difference
  7. Are you utilizing social media to its fullest potential?
  8. Are you being innovative and inventive or are you simply doing the same thing you have always done?
  9. Are you clearly defining your goals?
  10. Do you have written goals?
  11. Are you reviewing your actions to determine if they are working or not working?
  12. Do the people you know and trust know your goals?
  13. Ask your trusted friends to answer the questions above for you.

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