The Empowerment Of Screenwriters

The entertainment industry is a high risk, high capital investment. Nat Mundel from Voyage Media shares his insights on how the apparent throttling of the film industry. Gone are the days where writers just wrote and all the business aspects were handles by their agents and managers. Granted, agents and managers still ink the deals, but writers are becoming more business savvy by definition.

You too, should build up your personal team to get your project off the ground. The market is crowded with dwindling opportunities, so make yours stand out since not all opportunities are created equal.

In the past, studios and networks had internal development and packaging departments. Following the brutal downsizing still taking place, many of these tasks have outsourced. The top executives are only dealing with A-list talent, so a vacuum has been created in  “indie” projects. This void has been filled by writers which means greater creative and financial control for us.

The first step is CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT. Make your project relevant to the marketplace.

PACKAGING is the strategic process of aligning business, management and talent to get your project made.

Writers are advised to bring in as many elements as early as possible. Even if certain elements drop of or change, they will still carry some momentum of your project. The more time you invest in your project, the greater the likelihood of success. Tell all your actor friends about it, use social media to build up a following, host PR events, talk about it at networking events.

The mind boggles with the amount of freedom that has been released at this monumental time in film history. Use it constructively or perish.


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