The Second Draft

Anne Norda is a creativity coach who helps unlock your storytelling power. After completing the first draft, the real work begins to hone and tighten your story. It is a distinct process requiring different parts of the brain.

The terms may not immediately make sense, but ultimately they relate to the difference between the first splatter draft when everything you think of ends up on the page and the disciplined, tightly-structured story that is your final draft.

Your ultimate job is to maintain the audience’s connection to the story.

FIRST DRAFT                                        SECOND DRAFT

Uses mainly the Right Brain (creative) Uses mainly the Left Brain (logical)
Emotional writing. Writing from the heart. Freeform. Logical writing. Structure, plot points. Story begins to take shape.
Connected to your emotions. Write what you feel. Intellectual. Write what best serves the story.
Discover Your Characters Know Your Characters
Be surprised, wherever the story takes you. Flow. Structure. You start making definite story choices.
Laugh Out Loud at some the seeming nonsense you’ve written. Balance as you remove unnecessary story elements.
Cry from the gut. Loose Pace
Poetic freeform Structured Rhythm
Indulge Tempo
Inspiration from inner world Inspiration from outer world
Run on sentences and emotions Character arc
Dialog galore Character development
Make it big and visual Relationship growth
Wallow in the details Simplify
Way Outside the box Complicate
Tip toe through the tulips. Explore Hone
Be embarrassed at the thought of someone else reading it. Details, unclutter
Feel wicked Big picture
Ride your empathy Manipulate
Epiphany Impact on audience
Giggle Consider the reader
Feels too simple Chew on it
Feels too complex Outline
Impact on self Shuffle
Gauge with gut Targeted research
Intuition Similar stories/projects
Unique Voice Sharpen Voice

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