Intuitive Screenwriting

Anne Norda has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to harnessing your creativity. One of her exercises is to break routine. During her classes she makes all her students write their first drafts in a notebook. The theory being that once we are unshackled from our computers with its perfect font and page layout, we can truly let our minds wander.

Intuition is defined as the connection between the mind, body and unknown to make story choices. It’s organic, visceral, without logic, from the gut and faith-based, without solid evidence. Call it freeform writing unrestrained by traditional storytelling dogma. It’s a good place to start your story, but not a good place to end.

It is thought that only 20% of our brain capacity is used. We can tap into the remainder to enhance our creative process. How does your perception of events influence your reality?

Writing is knowing (what to write about), being (formulating the story and character relationships) and doing (the physical writing process) .

Perfectionism will kill your writing. Constant editing and rewriting won’t allow your story to flourish easily. Allow yourself the freedom to write garbage. It is the process that will lead you to writing gold.

Use JOURNALING to boost your creativity. Use a scratch pad to brainstorm. Write anything that enters your mind. Some of it will be useable. Most of it won’t.

Overcome your lizard brain which is designed for survival. The lizard brain is reflex-based and driven by fear and executes a limited number of tried and tested options.

Human brains are hard=wired to function on repetition and routine. They are safe but they don’t best serve our creativity. Changing our routines by trying new things increases our overall happiness by allowing us to experience the world in a new way.

Embrace writers block and negative feelings until they disappear. Burn through the creative restraints and self-doubt holding you back.

What is a negative thought?
Is it true?
Is it absolutely true?
How do you react when you believe that thought?
How would you feel if that thought didn’t exist?

These are physical exercises that can stimulate your creativity, especially during a bout of writers block.

Touch top of ear and progressively press down along it. These are acupressure points that stimulate organs and senses.

Stand and alternatively touch each knee with opposite hand. This aids co-ordination and stimulates the left and right brain.

This is the home stretch of the creative process when you actually need to express your creativity through writing.

Hone your senses and raise your awareness of the world.

Use your five senses to write – smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing.


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