Anatomy Of A Scene In Your Screenplay

Screenwriting is an economical writing medium so every word, every scene in your screenplay must serve the story. Screenwriters cannot afford to add scenes purely for their aesthetic value.

Every scene should function as a self-contained building block to the greater story in order to write a solid screenplay.

Essential elements of scenes in your movie script


What is the overall objective of the scene? What is happening? Why? How does it relate to the main character’s goal and the overall story? How does it make the audience feel? It should explore theme as well as propel plot dynamics.


Where is the scene set? What does this setting reveal about the main character or the story? Is the locale a character in your screenplay?


This relates to changes are made in response to the initial journey. Given that the main character has obtained new information or tools, what choices need to be made to achieve their goal?


This refers to the story trajectory based on the main character’s chosen course of action. Are their choices forced or unforced? The physical actions that drive the story. Is it direct or indirect action? Is there suspense, tension, comedy, foreshadowing, forewarning or twists that add surprise and interest to the story?


These refers to interaction between the main character and the antagonist. Sources of conflict include:

  • Man vs Himself
  • Man vs Another Person
  • Man vs Monster
  • Man vs Place
  • Man vs Society
  • Man vs Universe


Not so much what is happening, but how it happens? How is the physical activity being performed? This reveals a character’s inner thoughts and subtext.


These are major story beats that change the direction of the story. It is typified by changing balance of power between characters. It can be a complication, plot reversal, revelation or key dramatic event.


How does each character feel? How do they react to a situation? How do their feelings change? Are your characters mad, glad, sad or bad?

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  1. Mary Hackett says:

    My company, Audio Movies teaches writing skills to our radio play writers. Your articles are spot on and come in very handy. Thank you for taking your time to help us all write better.

    1. awww shucks!!! blush!!

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