Why Is Your Hero Vital To Your Screenplay?

The hero is the main driver of all stories. This is screenwriting 101.

Screenwriters understand the problems and conflict of humanity and write heroes to explore this.

Heroes explore your story’s central theme. They face obstacles and they conquer them. They change; either internally, externally, preferably both.

Your audience relates to your hero the most because they carry the most story burden. That is why they are the most important character in your screenplay.

That is why heroes are initially reluctant to undergo their journey. They are in denial or don’t feel they have the capability to perform the required tasks. The only way to convince them to progress is through force.

Heroes are physically and psychologically trapped in a situation. The status quo is more painful the perilous and unknown journey ahead. They must sacrifice the familiar with the unfamiliar. They are forced into action because the status quo is no longer relevant to them.

As heroes progress through the story, they encounter setbacks, conflicts and life-threatening situations.

As heroes progress even further, they experience pain, suffering and self doubt. They wonder if their efforts are worth it. They learn that many lessons in life are painful. That is how heroes grow.

There’s a lesson there for all of  us.

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