The Secrets To Become A Screenwriter In A Few Easy Steps

Well, maybe not so easy. Screenwriting takes time to achieve perfection.

The most obvious thing to think about is developing your screenwriting craft. Have at least 5-10 completed screenplays under your belt before you begin thinking about gaining representation as a screenwriter. Make sure you read as many film scripts as you can lay your hands on. Good and bad. But mainly good. See how pro screenwriters write.

Never send out the very first draft of your script. Complete at least five passes of your movie script before you send out that “first draft”of your screenplay.

The first step is a film script request. It means you can write a query letter or hold a conversation at a networking event. Most of these submissions are read by interns and result in a pass. If you are fortunate enough to get a meeting, you have hooked the producers.

Have a a few completed film scripts under your belt. Also have around 5-10 pitches with a hook that are sellable movie ideas. Keep working on your craft because emerging writers are classified poorly on the screenwriter totem pole.

WGA rules state that you must be allowed the first rewrite. Given that statistically, most new screenwriters don’t produce a perfect rewrite, studios tend to give you vague notes and rush the rewrite so they can hand the job to the next available A-list screenwriter.

The dynamics are interesting. Producers who passed on your screenplay may look for similar material in their story archives. They will probably be chasing the same writers as those who purchased your movie script.

A spec script sale is often made when a producer likes the premise of your script rather than the script itself. Understand the game and don’t be upset when you get fired from your first screenwriting job.

In a meeting, especially generals, be prepared to talk about yourself. What are you concerns? What themes to do you commonly write about? What are your unique life experiences? Were you a navy seal, an FBI agent, taught in prison, went to the moon?

How would agents describe you as a person? What are your quirks? Tone? Voice? Style? It’s not use saying you’re a writer for hire and can write anything. Producers will categorize you so they know how to market you and what kind of writing assignments they can send you out to pitch for.

In terms of screenwriting professionalism, you need to establish a reputation of reliability and punctuality. Can you consistently deliver a specific quality of work on time? Be punctual to meetings and improve your craftsmanship with each new script.

Many screenwriters have a reputation for being weird. Don’t be weird. Be cool.

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