The Art Of The Pitch

With seven simple tips, Harvard psychology professor Stephen M. Kosslyn utilizes his latest research on cognition, memory and perception, to offer some pointers for filmmakers conquering the final frontier-marketing the product.

  • Use Words AND Pictures. The brain processes both in two different places; using both is twice as effective!
  • ALWAYS tell a story.  Whether it’s the story of the film, the story of the making of the film, or the story of you, our minds connect to narratives!
  • SPECIFY and TAILOR:  NEVER the Lowest Common Denominator.  Soccer moms in Encino might have a different agenda than hipsters in Silverlake.
  • Speak TO people, not AT them.  If you can establish that connection with your audience, they are going to like you and your film that much better.
  • YOU are the key element to selling your film.  The greater the range of communication tools in your arsenal (ie personal anecdotes, jokes, etc) the better. Think Barack, people
  • Take a Breather.  A photo, blank slide, joke, cartoon.  They give your audience a much needed break to absorb what they’ve already learned…pace the gems!
  • Going Guerilla.  Be prepared for questions, interaction, getting down and dirty with your audience!  Interaction with your audience and your market is key to your success in doing this.  So don’t be afraid to talk about it and sell it!!

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