The Character Entrance

Chris Soth discusses the importance of how a main character is introduced to the audience.

The first things a main character does, and says DEFINES THEM.

So, give your protagonist a character-defining “entrance” that sets up how they will function in your story. Make their first line of dialogue immortal if you can…or at least appropriate and defining of this character and ONLY this character.

Let’s meet them behaving atypically. And let’s not meet them in a way we might meet ANYONE, anywhere, any time. Even if they ARE doing something ordinary, waking up in the morning, making coffee, something everyone does.

How do THEY do it? How are they different and what does this difference say about THEM?

And if they’re doing something extraordinary, something only they can do, your job may be easier…but still, it must be unique, striking and…immortal.


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  1. A really useful post thank you. On reading this I realised that I often given the character that first appears with the protoganist an interesting entrance…but rarely my protagonist (not surprisingly perhaps, when I do this I find half way through the story I’m wondering why my secondary character appears to be competing for the role of protagonist? Or whose story is it!)

  2. Lee 'Wozy' Warren says:

    Topman! Chris.

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