Pitching Yourself And Your Film Projects

A key part of being a successful screenwriter is knowing how to discuss your movie projects or your take on a project in development. If you’ve been called in for a general meeting you can be broad in your approach to script writing.

Producers, agents and managers most likely have already ready your screen plays and now they want to meet with you? What will you talk about? Screenwriting paradigms, the film business in general, or a specific movie script?

What should screenwriters discuss in a general pitch meeting?

The purpose of these meetings is for producers to get a feel for the concepts, feel and tone of your body of work.Talk about your favorite genres, favorite films (only chose successful ones) and favorite screenwriters.

See what film producers respond to and pitch them with a title, genre and logline. Maybe a few sentences about each project to see what piques their interest. Know how to distill the essence of your story into a few main story beats. If it’s a TV producer, they may ask about a season arc.

If you’ve been called in for a meeting about a specific movie project, then most of the pitch meeting will be about that.

You’ll need to discuss your creative vision for the film. What will it look like? The Hobbit, Insidious or Toy Story?

What is the most appropriate platform for your project? Is it a web series, TV series (cable/ terrestrial), film (indie, festival, summer tentpole)? Being able to answer these questions not onlt confirms your status as a professional screenwriter, but it also has production ramifications, mainly in terms of budget.

Is there any transmedia potential in your project? is there a novel, graphic novel, comic, play, game, musical or other format your project can be exploited in?

What is your audience potential? How many facebook friends or twitter followers do you have? Do you have a blog in a similar or unrelated field? Have you worked with anyone famous? All these factors may be exploited to boost awareness of your project.

Are you bringing any marketable business elements to the table? Equity, finance, name talent, pre-sale or international interest?

Be aware that producers will also have an agenda for the meeting. They may have a similar project in development they want you to write or rewrite. They may want you to introduce other parameters into your story such as a locale, role for a particular actor or story element to cater for a particular audience. They may even redevelop your story during the meeting!

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