Types Of Character Change

According to John Truby.


This relates to shifting mentality, beliefs, morality. The main character in a “child” ego state has experienced something so profound that an indelible mark has been left on their way of thinking. Characters undergo a key change of maturity with their newly gained knowledge as they enter the “adult” ego state; one of responsibility and accountability.


This relates to the main character finding their true calling. They shift from a passive to an active state; from being uncertain to being certain. They find the confidence and wisdom to be able to inspire change in others.


This relates to a miserable, curmudgeonly character who sees the world solely from their perspective. They grow from a position of selfishness to selflessness; from isolation to connection with their community; from unimportant to important.


A visionary represents the pinnacle of growth for the main character. Characters achieve god-like status and leave a legacy long after their death. These are stories about men and women that change the world.


The previous types of change have been positive. This type of change may have started with the hero growing from a follower to a leader in the positive phase. Then they become drunk with power, lose their faith or forced to act despicably. This change can sometimes be transitory as the main characters may find their righteous path again.


This is the most extreme change where the main character changes psychologically, spiritually and physically. They either change into a form that manifests their true calling or revert to the baseline form that is their natural state.


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