How To Impress The Entertainment Industry

Lee Jessup, entertainment career consultant, gives some pointers on being a desirable brand in the industry.

What agents, managers, and other executives are looking to deduce is this:

  • Are you an able content creator?
    • Do you come up with compelling, industry-friendly ideas consistently?
    • Can you aptly talk about your work?
  • Are you memorable, in a good way?
    • You don’t want to be remembered for appearing unprofessional, brash or disrespectful
  • Would they be comfortable putting you in a room?
    • Whether it’s with higher ups in their company or in front of development or production executives, the person you’re talking to wants to know that, in the most basic ways, you know how to present yourself.

So how do you make sure you come off in the most positive way?

  • Leave the flip flops at home. Make conscious fashion choices. You want to be remembered for a memorable, cool shirt you wore, for the color of your hair, or for a beautiful turquoise headdress, not for the offensive graphic on your t-shirt.
  • What do you want the person on the other side of the desk to remember? Never come in talking about your entire life story. Identify the 3 most interesting and potentially writing-relevant biographical details about you, and come ready to talk about them.
  • Do your research. Even if you are not a control freak who needs to scope out the meeting location beforehand in order to be comfortable with it, do your research and know who you are talking to or listening to. The better informed you are, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Come ready to talk about your work. Leave such phrases as “it’s sort of like,” “I haven’t really practiced my pitch” or “Wellโ€ฆ ” out of the conversation. Instead, practice a short, conversational pitch.

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