Expand Your Stories With Transmedia

Screenwriters are bona fide content creators. They must produce more than screenplays. Diversification of the screenwriting world represents exciting times for screenwriters, since they wield an increasing amount of power over their creative work.

The days of transmedia/ digital media/ new media and cross platform media are here to stay. This concept means extending your original story brand across a range of platforms.

New spinoff material is often created to augment the core concept and transform it into a brand. Some genres such as action/ thriller lend themselves better to certain formats such as comics and games.

Here are some of the ways you can do this to monetize your screenplays and promote brand awareness:


This includes TV series, web series and feature films (including franchises.)


This is increasingly coupled with live TV/ streaming and typically augments the viewing experience during commercial breaks. It may give reruns of story lines to date, character bios/ interviews and provide ancillary information to keep viewers engaged.


These include comic books and graphic novels, although they can often be the source material which are later adapted to film and TV. Ebooks, economics, interactive PDF files and text files which only exist in the digital domain also fall into this category.


This is useful to enhance brand awareness. Consider the more niche platforms which tailor to special interest audiences. Social media is useful to gather email lists, do paid promotions, showcase artwork and video clips and run contests. Live tweeting during TV shows and events remains a strong staple, especially if it includes key team members.


Also include blogs are useful tools for in-depth project updates that can’t be fully included in traditional social media.


These are useful extensions of cell phones. SMS are useful for short messages and have been used to disclose location details of raves. SMS is useful to send passwords, announcements and other short messages. It has traditionally been used to vote on game/ reality TV shows. MMS can promote images, audio and video clips embedded the same message.


These include streaming apps for the original content. They can also include deleted scenes, out takes, interviews and material similar to the extras on a DVD.

Apps can also include exclusive  special offers, additional information such as cast bios, filming techniques and locations, puzzles and project background.


These can include downloadable single player games, console and online multi-player games. The games market is currently overtaking the theatrical market in absolute dollars.


Apart from traditional soundtracks, they can include additional original or curated songs, sound bytes, samples and ringtones. They can be linked to proprietary music players or apps.


Go nuts; t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, computer pads, key rings, fridge magnets.


These are often integrated into restaurant meals and include small toys, passes or other promotional gifts.


These can include concerts, DJs, live streaming, themed bars and restaurants.


The technological arms race is heating up across a range of different platforms including Oculus Rift, Augmented Reality, Two and a Half D (no joke), 3D, User Interface, User Experience.


Billboards with street cred.


Consider who your immediate audiences might be for niche projects. Could you be sponsored by martial arts groups. motorcycle clubs, cancer patients, airline pilots etc? Get these people involved in your project from the initial planning stages.


Could your project be used as part of a scholarship deal? Given the nature of trans media, perhaps students could design a proprietary app or some other technological device for your project?

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