The Eight Characters of Comedy

Comedy relies on a stable of eight character types with differing viewpoints to fuel comedic situations. Scott Sedita defined the main character types in relation to sitcoms. However, these apply equally to film. It’s important to note that a character doesn’t have to exclusively inhabit one category.


These characters are responsible, emotionally stable, even tempered, nerdish and bland. They act as the anchor for the more off the wall characters.


These characters are innocent, childish, excitable, optimistic, gullible, unrealistic and impulsive. They focus mainly the good in everything, hence their susceptibility to failure.


These characters are in a permanent state of anxiety, tension, over reaction and worry. They are manipulative, controlling and demand things are done their own way.


These characters are the bimbos and himbos which provide comic relief. They are simple, friendly, poorly educated and naïve.


These characters often upset plans because they are so selfish. They are mean, insensitive, insecure, manipulative and often make wise cracks.


These characters are one dimensional characters who are only interested in sex or obtaining a short term partner. They are self conscious. confident, horny, superficial and sexy. They don’t necessarily need to be attractive.


These characters are immature, spoiled, entitled and often have the most to learn. They expect rewards without having necessarily to work for them. They can be lonely and do poorly in relationships, despite always seeking one.


These characters march by the beat of their own drums. They are oddball, ostracised, eccentric and sometimes hyperactive. They are unique because of their unique take on the world.

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