5 Powerful Types Of Dark Characters

Movie and TV characters are often described in terms of having a light or dark predisposition. Dark personality traits, found in villains are defined by a number of personality disorders. Characters exhibiting these traits yield immense power and control.


This is similar to sociopath, except that it is congenital. Sufferers have their brains wired differently and can’t display normalised responses. They are characterised by their inability to emote, show any guilt, empathy or remorse for their behaviour. They are cold, callous and impulsive, especially with high risk behaviour. They understand human behaviour but can’t experience it first hand.


This is closely related to psychopathic behaviour, except that they are triggered by social and environmental events. Sufferers can often appear normal, but exhibit tell tale signs such OCD behaviour.


Sufferers consider everyone to be functional in their strategy to get what they want. They are manipulative, exploitative, deceptive, jealous and scheming. They have a cynical disregard for human misery and believe their means justify the end.


This is characterised by delusions of exalted self importance and grandiosity which are rarely justified. Sufferers exhibit extreme self confidence and a lack of human compassion.


This is classed outside the dark triad, but commonly seen in exploitative characters in horror films. Sufferers derive satisfaction by inflicting emotional pain, psychological suffering and humiliation to others.

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  1. I think this post describes me 😛

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