What Are The Qualities Of Superheroes In Movies?

Superheroes are the subject of many of the highest grossing films on a global scale. They resonate so powerfully with movie audiences because they may be considered a metaphor for god. Screenwriters can powerfully exploit this.

They linger in the background of human consciousness and only unfurl their wrath in extreme circumstances. Regardless of their actions, they always represent the greater good and a higher truth. Their ultimate goal is to protect us and lead us to a more righteous path.

Superheroes aren’t always from comic books. They can be your average, suburban person who thinks they are insignificant.

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Suuperheroes often represent the following traits:


They know when to act and know when to observe and let things play out by themselves. They know what’s best for humanity even if we don’t fully understand the situation ourselves. They are balanced, aware, present, anchored and understand that peace and chaos are part of our everyday life.


They also contain the darkest elements of humanity. They can be wounded from abandonment, isolation or feeling the burden placed upon them. They tackle the conflicts and dilemmas that affect us. Superheroes have a weakness to humanize them an make them more accessible to us such as limiting beliefs. Gods have been also punished for possessing human failings such as hubris, arrogance or misuse of power.


Superheroes often coexist in two physical states. The first is often a human state; insipid, average and humble. They have menial jobs or junior jobs that grant them access to places where they are needed most. As humans, superheroes represent the everyman and everywoman that most of us are. They understand us, can relate to our daily struggles and make us feel safe.

In the superhero state, they are the antithesis; brightly coloured costumes, physical prowess and a commanding stature. They fight the villains and secure our safety. In this state, they represent a more tangible, mythologized version of our perception of a superhero.


The joy of superheroes lies in their uncanny ability to show up out of nowhere when danger strikes. Even if it’s at the last minute. They lead very private personal lives. Superheroes are intuitive, self aware and have an uncanny ability to predict forthcoming events.


Superheroes seem to have a link to the other wordily and the unknown. They can tap into the power of the universe to fight evil with impossible strength against seemingly impossible odds.


Superheroes act with grace, confidence, contemplation, dignity and altruism. They are true to their word. They speak impeccably and charismatically. Every word is considered. Not one is wasted or unnecessary. They know themselves, their role and behave accordingly.


Superheroes formulate a plan and stick to it unless an obstacle forces them to modify it. But overall intention remains constant and immutable. They aren’t distracted or impulsive, but rather calm and rational. They act with courage,  power, stamina and determination.


Superheroes are compassionate and believe that goodness will triumph. They are prepared to take a hit to protect humanity. In some instances they are even prepared to perish.


Superheroes embrace change and believe that a temporary hardship will lead to future gains. They understand this even before these gains have sprouted. During these hardships, these gains may seem illogical or intangible, but a superhero will persevere in their quest.

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