What Are The Main Types Of Disaster Movies?

Disaster movies are generally divided into three types:


Remember the tale of the Danish King Canute? After he commanded the waves in the sea to retreat, a giant wave crashed over him and he drowned. Natural disasters force us to confront our tiny place in the universe. They force us to confront our mortality and keep us humble. They also remind us to accept disasters as a part of life and we have no control over them. What we can control is how we react the them.

Typical natural disaster films involve earthquakes, tornados, floods and other extreme climactic events.


The antithesis of our humility is hubris. They include outbreaks of disease, financial meltdowns and severe climate change. Typically these are tales of man playing God. Despite the warning of a potential threat, they remain unheeded or are dismissed outright. These are cautionary tales and remind us of the perils of excessive greed and misconception that humans can counter the delicate balance of mother nature.


These are survival stories and force us to be prepared for the eventual threat of external danger. Never take your safety for granted. Invasion movies include war, the arrival of a powerful, hostile gang, a highly skilled sports team or even a worthy romantic opponent. Granted last two examples aren’t generally classed as disaster movies, but the principals on invasion still hold true.

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