The Dual Protagonists

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

There is a long held mantra of screenwriting that there can only be one protagonist in each story. It is the character that undergoes the most change.  By definition, the protagonist should occupy the most screen time.

More recently, such character structure is becoming skewed to allow for dual protagonists. That is, two characters, occupying similar amounts of screen time, each with their own character arc.

Ensure your story warrants dual protagonists rather than using them because you haven’t decided who your main character is.

Dual protagonists must equally spiral intersect and clash multiple times throughout the central story spine. Otherwise you run the risk of having two separate stories.

The concept of character duality is more closely linked to the opposing facets of the protagonists. This is related to the antagonist which ostensibly blocks the protagonist’s goal. They are often similar in that they both covet the same goal…

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