5 Kinds Of Soul Mate Your Hero Should Definitely Have

Everyone screenwriter should have a soul mate. And so should your main characters. A friend with whom you share a natural bond. Someone you can be intimate with and say anything too, without censorship or reservation. They just get you. You share the same mindset. They are the other you.

Having a soul mate is special affinity because it is an unofficial bond. There are no social constraints keeping you together. You just belong.

Here are some examples of soul mates you can use in your screenwriting:


You’ve known each other a long time and are totally at ease with each other. You can reconnect after a long period of no communication and it feels like no time has passed. You’ve got each other’s backs and know what’s best for each other.


This is more a moral and value based character connection. You do not have many  superficial things in common such as tastes in music, food and clothes. You connect on a deeper universal level such as a global sense of fairness for humanity.


This is the exotic person that crashes into your life and exits just as quickly. These soul mates are like guardian angels and appear when you’re in imminent danger and need to learn a lesson.


This one’s all about lust and passion. Not so much about words. This is a short lived physical relationship designed to make your characters get out of a rut and feel alive again.


We all love this kind of soul mate. One that causes disruption; one that forces your main character to shake things up a bit and enjoy life. Things will always get out of hand, but fun will be had by all.

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