Creating Buzz For Your Screenplay

The script writing world is a peculiar beast. Every screenwriter wants to sell their screenplay, get optioned, get a writing assignment and get produced. Unfortunately, many screenwriters don’t focus on their screenwriting career as much as they should. They mistakenly believe that their screenplay should speak for itself. You need to be your own publicist.

Create your own BUZZ.

And I’m not talking about writing a movie about bees.

Buzz is the excitement you generate from your screenplay and your screenwriting career. Producers love it. TV show runners love it. Agents and managers love it. Actors love it. Everyone wants to be your BFF and work with you for FOMO (google it.)

Buzz is leverage for your screenwriting career because it means that someone in the film industry can vouch for the quality of your screenwriting and you as a screenwriter.

It automatically places you above the thousands of aspiring scriptwriters because you’ve been recommended from a trusted source.

Once there has been industry interest in your film script, you can leverage it in a number of ways. If you can’t hire a publicist, follow these handy scriptwriting DIY BUZZ TIPS:


Twitter and Facebook still appear to be the most popular ways for screenwriters to connect. If you use additional platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, go nuts. If you have any videos, use them as additional assets to promote your scrip writing success.

Make an announcement of your achievements as a screenwriter. This could include:

  • winning a contest (being a finalist also counts)
  • getting great reviews/ coverage
  • getting invited to an event regarding your screenplay
  • being interviewed about your screenwriting
  • getting mentioned by someone who matters
  • getting interest/ support from high profile talent, even if they don’t formally attach to your project.
  • getting a significant attachment such as producer, actor or other talent
  • securing funding, pre-sale or distribution
  • getting an screenplay option


If you have created an email list, use it. Make sure the subject header conveys a tone of enthusiasm. Something along the lines of “I couldn’t wait any longer to share my fantastic news about my screenplay.”

Your email list should comprise of fellow screenwriters, family, friends and business associates with links to the film industry and agents, managers, producers and other industry players you’ve got a relationship with.


If you prefer a more personal approach to broadcasting your screenwriting accolades, try a had written postcard, especially to people who can help you move your screenplay forward into production.


If you’re looking to connect or reconnect with significant industry players, a quick phone call may jump start their interest in you. This tactic may be especially useful if you were previously trying to set up a project with someone and it fell through, or you think they might be interested in helping to move your screenplay forward. Don’t forget it takes a village to make a film.


Self promotion can only take you so far in your script writing career. You should also write short press releases to relevant physical and online influencers. This could include film and screenwriting magazines, film reviewers, writers groups, screenwriting bloggers, podcasters , film makers and film societies.

Working screenwriters often spend half their time writing and the other half hustling.

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