Explore Your Screenwriting Voice

Many screenwriters are often asked about their writing voice when trying to break in or look for their next gig. Every film and TV producer is looking for the next best thing. They are looking for something unique with a strong writing voice. What exactly does this mean?

Your voice is the less tangible qualities that define you as a writer. The more established you become as a screenwriter, the better developed your voice becomes.  It is your signature writing style that resonates in every screenplay you write.

Find your writing voice

This is a long process of self-exploration and discovery. It means that we as screenwriters need to delve deeper into our psyches. Our writing voices are shaped by major incidences in our lives which forced us to re-evaluate our situations. Both positive and negative. As long as they’ve made a lasting impact on our lives.

In doing so, we help shape our characters which are products of our creativity and therefore ourselves. Imagine placing your profile on a social website. Think of how you would describe your personality? What are your likes and dislikes? What do you value most in your relationships with other people? Certain patterns will emerge which define you as an individual. Are you easy going? Wound up tight? Chatty? Pensive? Conventional? Alternative?

Think about how a producer might discuss what qualities you possess as a screenwriter. If a film project is greenlit and a producer is looking for a writer and they say “This project is perfect for you.”

Part of finding your voice involves common themes in the stories screenwriters like to tell. Are they animal lovers? Philanthropists? Comedians? Feminists? Optimists? Cynical? Interested in human suffering? Are t characters strong, successful people? Are you strong and successful or do you aspire to be? Are the characters underdogs? What is their disposition? Happy? Smarmy? Cheerful? Quirks?

Finding your writing voice is rather like wanting a quick definition of the meaning of life. The only way to find it is to keep searching.

The answer lies in the writing. So what are you waiting for?

Due to repeated requests from screenwriters with a strong voice, I’ve made myself available for story and script consults to bring out the best in your screenwriting.

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