Not All Film Producers Are Created Equal

Question for screenwriters. How many producers does it take to make a film?

See below for answer!

You’ve completed your prize-winning screenplay and you’re ready to shop it around town. The next step is to get it produced. So you contact a few producers interested in your material and you’re good to go.

If your a new screenwriter, the chances are that you will only be dealing with one producer who’ll get your film script to screen.

Once you graduate to higher level films, there are several producers involved. each with a separate function. Here are some of the main positions:



These champions are involved in raising finance either through credit streams, equity funds, crowdfunding, pre-sales, distribution deals, soft money and slate finance. They typically have minimal creative input in a film or film franchise.


These guys and gals sort through mountains of material hoping to answer the following question in the affirmative:

“Will this make a profitable movie?”

Creative producers and their armies of interns and assistants are always on the lookout for the next best thing. Their grueling days include reading screenplays. hearing pitches, reading best-selling novels, short stories, scouring through newspaper articles, life rights and more recently, merchandise. Can’t wait for the Play Doh movie.


As you may have guessed, a development producer not only oversees the rewrites of screenplays and teleplays, but they develop multi-platform assets. These include second screen, interviews, outtakes, photos, interviews, VR and transmedia assets.


These types of producers deal with agents and managers and attach the best talent they can afford and is available. Their primary role is to attach the best above the line talent to help raise finance.


This type of producer works with the packaging producer to secure the headlining actors. However, their main job is to book actors for secondary roles, bit parts and background talent. This includes on screen and voiceover talent.


These people are in charge of the sets, location, cast, crew, permits, equipment etc. Their job is to ensure deliverables such as prints, rushes and other physical assets are… err.. delivered on time and on budget.

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