How Many Categories Of Film Comedy Are There?

More than most screenwriters think. Here are some more movie types to get your comedic screenplays completed.


These are comedies aimed at culturally and financially elite audiences. As such, they often deal with lifestyles of the rich and wealthy covering themes such as marrying into wealth, bulking up estates, avoiding taxes and keeping up sophisticated appearances.


I love this film hybrid comprised of two unlikely genres. Such movies contain all the blood and gore of traditional horror films coupled with laughs. Films like Vampire Academy are a good example of such entertainment.


This style of comedy is typically low-budget, fly on the wall, up close and personal filmmaking. It resembles the standard documentary format with a comedic twist. There are often deadpan comedic elements in these films to maintain the air or seriousness. The making of a particular movie is a good example, resplendent with mock interviews and on set footage.


Films such as the Pitch Perfect franchise typify this film genre. As you might imagine, the story culminates in a musical performance such as dance, a contest or some other contest. Most screenwriters aren’t expected to write song lyrics to such screenplays, so don’t panic.


These can often be parodies or satire, but they do deserve a category of their own. The Interview starring Margaret Cho and Seth Rogen is a good example which examines a foreign regime in a fun and controversial way.


These are often teen films with one running gag that sustains the entire film. They are often thin, crass and filled with innuendo and cardboard characters. But we like them because they’re fun.  An example is the film Get Hard. I’m sure you can all guess what the jokes are about.


Here is another successful blend of two genres; comedy and sci-fi. Spaceballs is an example that comes to mind as is Galaxy Quest. Such screenwriting is self-explanatory.


This is unique film genre because it has a comedic spin on the aging process and the reduction in physical and mental capacity it entails. The movie Last Vegas exemplifies this movie genre. Think of these as teen films, fifty years later.

9) SPY

These are often spoof movies crafted around bumbling spies who manage to successfully complete their missions. Examples of fine screenplays include Get Smart and British film The Brothers Grimsby. I assume the screenwriters thoroughly enjoyed writing them.


This genre mashup is often confused with farce and slapstick comedy, but it really deserves its own mention. Despite the eccentric, impossible antics in films like The Life Of Brian, they do have one foot planted in reality and one in a bizarre world..


We haven’t seen comedy time travel movies in a while, but Back to The Future comes to mind. Are cinema audiences ready for another one?

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