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Writing Better Loglines

September 24, 2013


Loglines may the only thing the entertainment world may ever read of your script. According to script consultant Danny Manus, they are the key predictors of your story’s success.  They are a unique blend of substance and style designed to make someone want to read your script and potentially produce it. Given the amount of […]

Is Your Dialogue Drab?

August 18, 2012


Good dialogue is subjective, but bad dialogue is always obvious. Danny Manus, script consultant from no bullscript, discusses some of the most common indications that your dialogue is screaming “amateur”. Your dialogue doesn’t make it clear in what genre you are writing. If I’m on page 5 and your comedy hasn’t made me chuckle yet, […]

Writing A One Sheet

May 24, 2012


Danny Manus, an L.A. based script consultant sums up what a one sheet should contain. Your one-pager (another term for one-sheet) is your calling card; a selling tool for your story and also for yourself. It differs from a synopsis in a few ways. First, as its name dictates, it’s only ONE page. Secondly, unlike […]

The Ticking Time Bomb

March 28, 2012


Daniel Manus, script consultant of No Bullscript (you read that correctly) expands on this plot device to create tension, excitement, pace and interest in your story. No matter the genre, using the device of a time clock in your story – a deadline, a ticking clock, a moment that must be met, etc – is […]


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