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When Should Plot Points Be Revealed?

September 6, 2011


Many screenwriters, particularly in thriller and mystery genres, withhold vital information to intrigue readers. Key plot points must be delivered when the audience requires the information; not sooner, not later. Delivering information too soon will confuse the audience with seemingly irrelevant and abundant information. Conversely, delivering information too late will leave your audiences bewildered and […]

The First Page

August 14, 2011


In the days of yore, the first ten pages are what enticed a reader to continue. Today, it boils down to the first page. The first page is like a title page that will bait the reader. It’s the next logical step from a logline which will initiate a sc ript request. It advertises your […]

The Sagging Second Act – The Silent Killer Of Your Script

March 22, 2010


Writing a great screenplay is a lot like a hot date. You have to enter and exit at the right time… Starting too late, peaking to early, vacillating in the middle can ruin your night… It’s got to be timed just right. You can’t go hammer and tong before you’ve finished your wine and there’s […]

In Search Of – Finding Your Story & Voice

November 21, 2009


Humans have been telling stories to each other since time immemorial. They serve a deep psychological and sociological need. Let us examine a few key concepts: WHAT IS A STORY? Quite simply, it is a journey of inter-connected events with a beginning, middle and an end providing dramatic fulfillment education knowledge entertainment emotional stimulation and, […]

Save The Snyder – The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet of Structure

November 1, 2009


In memory of a much respected compadre Blake Snyder, let’s take a look at some of his work and his colorful take on the story structure paradigm. Visit the tools section of his website and download your own copy of his beat sheet. Make sure to read his bestseller “Save The Cat”. Meow! It’s one […]


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