12 Types Of Horror Films To Make You Sleep With The Lights On

It’s Halloween time; that spooky month. A time when screenwriters make audiences jump in fear or cover their eyes. Horror movies are a mainstay of our screens that never seem to fall out of favor.

Here are some of the main types of horror movies:

1) Monster

These include Godzilla, Cujo, Frankenstein and Black Sheep. Typically these are social commentaries about playing God and interfering with nature. A monster is born an attacks a small town. They must band together to take down the monster.

2) Deformed Human

These are a sub-category of monster films where the antagonist is a deformed human following an horrific accident, often wearing a mask. Examples include Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th.

3) Inanimate Objects

What happens when evil dolls like Annabelle and Chucky come to life and terrify their victims? A horror franchise is born, of course. Once again, these are a sub-category of the monster genre.

4) Vampire

Vampire films are sometimes classed as Gothic horror when the iconic Dracula arises. They’re sumptuous and classy. 30 Days Of Night is a non-Dracula vampire film which doesn’t come under the Gothic horror banner.

5) Found Footage

These are low budget horror films typified by an investigation after video or audio footage is found by amatur sleuths to discover what really happened. Popular examples include Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.

6) Schlock

These are often gorefests which are light on character and plot and heavy on fake blood and guts. They are low on story and high on shock value. Examples include Brain Dead.

7) Supernatural

These include all ghost, demon and spirit horror films. Popular examples include The Conjuring, The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

8) Curse

These types of films are often cautionary tales. A character(s) unleash a curse either unwittingly or after failing to heed a warning. The Curse and The Grudge are obvious examples. These types of horror films are often classified as supernatural films.

9) Serial Killer

These are classic crime whodunit murder films. Ed Gein and and Silence Of The Lambs are solid examples of this horror genre. These horror movies also include slasher films like Malevolence.

10) Zombie

We all love the living dead. Thank you  George Romero. The Night Of The Living Dead is the iconic flash-eating zombie movie.

11) Comedy

These are highly stylized films ranging from sublet humor like the Scream franchise to the highly entertaining Creepshow which includes singing and dancing.

12) Alien

Uninvited aliens from outer space who want to destroy mankind. I guess the movie Alien falls into this genre.

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