Does Your Main Character Have A Guardian Angel?

The main character in many screenplays has a BFF, a guardian angel, an ally, a teacher or a mentor. Although they each have their own nuances, they all serve a similar purpose; to protect, to provide moral guidance and facilitate the path to personal growth. Or as the New Age types call it– manifestation of your best self.

These catalytic characters have a deep understanding of the main character; oftentimes deeper than the main character has of themselves. It is more an emotional and spiritual bond than a physical one. They may not having any superficial common interests, but nonetheless, they are deeply in-sync. The know exactly what they need.

Guardian angels have a perfect sense of timing. They are not simply companions to hang out with.

They tend to enter the main character’s life during a period of emotional upheaval and exit when the main character can carry on alone. They are intuitive and cause deep emotional shifts as the main character sheds olds habits and beliefs and replaces them with new ones. They force the main character to take risks and ride the emotional rollercoaster.


The role of these guardian characters may not always be the best friend who listens and provide wholesome advice. On many occasions they provoke, challenge and antagonize the main character to force them to act. Think of the train wreck besties that get the main characters into trouble and turn their lives upside down.

They also help elevate the main character to a higher level of self awareness and consciousness, allowing them to better understand themselves and their situation. In essence, they help them complete their character arc.

Guardian angels need not be life long friends. Main characters may have met them recently. However there is a strong, immediate connection allowing the main character to fully trust them with the feeling that they’ve known them ‘forever’ or from a past life.

These relationships are often an intense and short-lived. The guardian angel may only appear once in the main character’s life, or as often as needed to handle a specific life situation which repeated presents itself such as falling for the wrong person.

Despite the value of guardian angels, they may not always be there for the main character. Sometimes, when the main character is psychically prepared to handle a situation (whether they believe they are or not), they must power through the situation themselves. A guardian angel cannot be present to excess because they can hinder the main character’s internal growth.

A guardian angel is a conduit of self discovery. They help the main character identify and solidify their values, goals and desires.

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