Types Of Friends In Movies

Friends are important characters in movies because they help the main character undertake their character arc.


These friends are problem solvers. They tend to be around during a character’s time of distress, danger or vulnerability. They offer practical advice and solutions without become overly involved with the character’s emotional state.


They basically act as a character’s moral and intellectual compass. They steer the character away from wrong towards right by acting as a life coach. They often provide advice, pose questions and encourage the character to seek solutions to their problems rather than giving directives. They may be older, but always wiser. They only interfere at times of extreme danger.


These friends are similar to mentors, but they don’t define a character’s actions on the basis of a moral judgment. They are practical and encourage a character to examine their actions in terms of motivation, goal, outcome and success.


They are most closely attached to a character and stick by them during good times and bad. They often act as sounding boards in dealing with a dilemma.. They are often long time friends and know the character’s most intimate details. They are keeper of secrets and most loyal. They are the best friend to have when a character is at their lowest ebb.


These often appear as detached friends, but their role is to maintain an emotional balance. They are feelers and bring a character down when they become over excited and lift them up when they are feeling down.


They can either be reckless or helpful to a character by encouraging (or even forcing) them to take risks.  They influence a character into taking a course of action regardless of consequences. Their main goal is to get a character to experience life and grow from that experience.


They can be the trusted confidante who delicately informs a character of their short comings. Alternatively, they can be brutal if the character is heading towards a disaster or refuses to accept the impact of their actions. They challenge a character’s belief system and encourage them to modify their thinking.


These are people a character’s associates or companions of convenience and social interaction. They include workmates, team mates and neighbours and other people who always seem to be around. They tend to heave the least emotional attachment to a character despite spending a lot of time with them.

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